Every scent from Frau Tonis Parfum tells a story. They take you on an intimate journey to far away lands and tell you their secrets. Read on to discover the full story.

No 04 - Cocktail Hour

It's five o'clock somewhere...

Cocktail Hour is a truly sophisticated pleasure: like a drink before a meal or a glass with friends before a dinner party. Time to relax, time to refresh the spirit, time to get in the mood for the evening - and to celebrate the day in a special moment, to underline it with an olfactory exclamation mark.

And the day is nearly done... No. 04 Cocktail Hour captures it perfectly, this precious little hour of the day with its aromas of spicy coumarin, warm tonka bean, invigorating bergamot and a hint of patchouli and musk.

After all, we all need rituals. Moments of relaxation, moments of anticipation. Let's celebrate them with this fragrance!

Sunny / Fascinating / Oriental
50ml / 90 €

No 37 - Violet

The violet diva

According to several sources, the Berlin-born actress Marlene Dietrich was captivated by our fragrance No. 37 Violet: a signature scent that accompanied her during her incomparable performances on the silver screen. Eccentric, self-assured, and loud - a unique and outlandish perfume in which violet, raspberry, and licorice notes make unlikely bedfellows.

She cast herself as a femme fatale who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Close your eyes and imagine the iconic, androgynous face of Marlene Dietrich. See her slender, noirish silhouette and breath in deeply the extravagant odor of her violet fragrance… The roaring twenties are back!

Eccentric / Confident / Nostalgic
50ml / 80 €

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