If you want us to add an olfactory experience to your event space with our fragrance bar, or if your event needs a space-filling aroma, you will find a selection of our previous collaborations here.


Nice to meet you!

Vogue Fashion Night

Whether gala, shop opening, company event or trade fair - FRAU TONIS ’Fragrance Bar is the communicative focus of an extraordinary event. Here the guests come into contact with manufactory perfumes and can have their personal perfume created on site. The “Fragrance Bar” event can be booked both in the FRAU TONIS PARFUM workshop rooms and in a location of your choice.

Fragrance-Bar by Frau Tonis Parfum

Tommy Hilfiger

The FRAU TONIS PARFUM Fragrance Bar delighted visitors and guests at the opening of the Tommy Hilfiger anchor stores in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Guests and customers were able to have their personal fragrance made by FRAU TONIS PARFUM in the stores during the opening weeks. Since then, more than 1000 people from Düsseldorf and Berlin have their new, individual favorite fragrance!

Fragrance for business

For us, creating fragrances is a form of art. For brands and companies, we create perfumes that are unique in quality and structure. The benchmark is our love for fragrance, our expertise and our quality standards. Mainstream is obsolete for us; but we have had a feeling for trends since 2009.



A Room Scent for AM TACHELES

For the avant-garde residential building JOUX on the Berlin urban district AM TACHELES designed by Herzog & de Meuron, FRAU TONIS PARFUM has created a room fragrance that creates a sensual connection with the extraordinary architecture of the building.

In OUD / JOUX, precious oud combines with citrusy aromas of bergamot as well as notes of sandalwood, tobacco, incense, amber and cedar. A room fragrance that welcomes us kindly, which becomes the soul of a home.

The scent of metropolises

Perfumes for KaDeWe Group

Three great cities, three unmistakable fragrances: the KaDeWe Group has commissioned a series of special edition perfumes for the Alsterhaus in Hamburg, the Oberpollinger in Munich, and the KaDeWe in Berlin. The unusual task was awarded to the Berlin-based perfumery Frau Tonis Parfum due to its expertise in creating extraordinary perfumes – now bringing the zeitgeist of German metropolises into perfume bottles for the KaDeWe Premium Group.

Limited Edition

Restaurant Tim Raue x Frau Tonis

With his two Michelin Guide stars, Tim Raue is one of the absolute stars of the German culinary scene. The Berlin-based chef has repeatedly made it to the top of renowned "Best Restaurants" lists with his restaurant near Checkpoint Charlie.

Together, Tim Raue and we have released a limited edition of Frau Tonis' fragrance "Si tu Savais".  As "No. 36" this perfume combines the urban Berlin vibe with notes of refreshing citrus. "No.36" refers to Berlin Kreuzberg's former zip code. 36 bottles were signed by Tim Raue and are being sold online as a limited edition: "This is my fragrance," Raue explains his passion for Si tu Savais. For him, he says, it was "love at first sight." "So clear, so fresh, so inspiring with this beautiful touch of citrus notes and apple freshness."

60 years of Sony products

Farbgeflüster by Sony

For the anniversary celebration, the new Xperia Z5 series "slips" into colorful garments - from matte gold to coral to fir green. This riot of color is celebrated by German manufacturers, who have each designed an accessory in the new smartphone colors exclusively for Sony.

FRAU TONIS PARFUM contributes a perfume created exclusively for Sony in seven different bottles to the FARBGEFLÜSTER collection. The Japan-inspired perfume smells of green tea, young rose, musk, sandalwood, peach and plum.

TRIUMPH & Frau Tonis

Scented „Wrapping Service“

Fine lingerie, delicately wrapped and exquisitely scented: TRIUMPH and Frau Tonis refine the Christmas shopping experience at the point of sale. In around 100 TRIUMPH stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, lingerie, day- and nightwear are given a touch of Eau de Parfum during the "wrapping service". Three exquisite best-selling fragrances by Frau Tonis are available for selection: No. 11 Si tu Savais, No. 16 Jardin Vertical and No. 25 Bouquin.

The traditional TRIUMPH company, headquartered in Bad Zurach (Switzerland), is still family-owned and employs around 36,000 people.

Limited Edition


Pink pepper, cedar, patchouli and amber combined with sandalwood and spring-like tulips. A perfume of spicy and tantalising aroma. A perfume for those who not only appreciate TUSH, but also have a passion for fine fragrances.

 Honored with the German Brand Award

New car fragrance for heycar

Leather, textile and acrylic: few scent moments are as distinctive as the mix of smells in a new car. Frau Tonis Parfum has developed a unisex fragrance for heycar Germany that captures precisely this moment. At the beginning of June 2022, the campaign received the German Brand Award for outstanding brand work from the German Design Council.

The limited creation combines distinctive aromas of thyme, saffron and suede with raspberry and toasted notes. With the heycar "new car scent," the quality promise of "good used cars" is made tangible in sensory terms. The "new car scent" was produced exclusively for the campaign and was not available in stores, but was raffled off via the Instagram and Facebook channels of heycar Germany. The campaign met with a great media response.

The scent of life

Campagne with Sanofi

Frau Tonis Parfum has created the personal "scent of life" for the " Fresh start for the nose" campaign of the pharmaceutical manufacturer Sanofi for patients affected by chronic rhinosinusitis. The campaign points out how important the sense of smell is for a fulfilled life and shows this deficit exemplarily on affected persons. As part of a scent workshop at Frau Tonis, patients recalled scents and smells that had a special meaning for them in the past. More here and here.

Mémoire de Pétrole

Collaboration with Volkswagen

It all started with a whiff of petrol: No one could deny that inseparable link between the automobile and the smell of petrol. But what about modern electric cars? Are they devoid of any smell?
Car manufacturer Volkswagen Pkw has given this question some thought and commissioned a perfume from the Berlin-based perfumery Frau Tonis Parfum that not only brings back such old memories but also sets olfactory trends for the future. The result resonates poetically: "Mémoire de Pétrole." The top note features a faint hint of petrol that quickly gives way to green violet, iris, pepper and leather. The scent's energy is young and creative - much like the e-car generation. 


Eventscent for Adidas

EURO DAY 2016: 11,000 Adidas employees and family members celebrated Herzogenaurach "France & Savoir Vivre". For the festive occasion FRAU TONIS PARFUM provided the event with an elegant, mobile fragrance bar.
Guests were treated to an experience of the scented world of our fragrances, and also received a sample of the fresh and dynamic Adidas perfume created especially for the event. The exclusive "Adidas EURO DAY 2016" perfume had notes of fresh mint, sandalwood and delicate iris blossom.

Friends from friends

A room fragrance for "FvF

Peppery, Spicy, Mediterranean: A room scent for the "Freunde von Freunden" apartment! The founders of the digital interview magazine Freunde von Freunden, Frederik Frede, Torsten Bergler and Tim Seifert, have been scenting their analog apartment in Berlin Mitte since December 2015 with a special odeur: the Freunde von Freunden room scent!

Notes of pink pepper, vetiver, fig, violet leaves and cedar float through one of the most stylish locations in Berlin. The FvF room fragrance is exclusively developed by Frau Tonis Parfum.

Fashion Events

Our love for sophisticated fashion and aesthetic design is reflected in numerous fashion events. Our fragrances waft over catwalks, can be found in popularly goodybags or euphoric designers and models.


Ivanman, Danny Reinke, Kilian Kerner

Ivan Mandzukics' design creations were presented on Static Mannequins and wrapped by his personally selected FRAU TONIS' unisex fragrance No. 18 Bogota Berlin.
Fashion newcomer Danny Reinke's show, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about FRAU TONIS No. 05 Aventure and chose this fragrance as the highlight of his goodie bags .
Designer Kilian Kerner was inspired by FRAU TONIS' fragrances and composed his individual scent, based on No. 22 Hamburg and No. 18 Bogota Berlin.

Marcel Ostertag


Der deutsche Designer Marcel Ostertag verliebte sich in den Duft No. 08 Été Éternel von FRAU TONIS PARFUM und beduftete damit seinen Runway. Die opulent-sinnliche Parfum-Atmosphäre passte perfekt zum Motto der Show: Liebe für Alle! Olfaktorische Inspirationen bot die FRAU TONIS Fragrance Bar mit einer feinen Auswahl sommerlicher Manufaktur-Parfums.

Isabel Vollrath & STEINROHNER 

Berlin Fashion Week 2017/18: Models, Runway & Location smell like FRAU TONIS PARFUM! Aromas of lush green, jungle and wildness accompanied the show of Isabel Vollrath. The fashion of the designer duo STEINROHNER wafted around notes of eternal summer.

Perret Schaad

FRAU TONIS PARFUM is a proud sponsor of the up and coming Berlin based fashion label PERRET SCHAAD. PERRET SCHAAD had its eagerly awaited debut at the Berlin Fashion Week 2010. The label is a collaboration between Johanna Perret (26 years) and Tutia Schaad (27 years), who recently graduated from the University of Fine Arts Weißensee in Berlin. Their trademark is a straightforward and innovative style heavily influenced by Jil Sander’s early designs.

Before founding their own label Johanna and Tutia gathered experience in the world of high fashion working with Gaspard Yurkievich, Daisuke Nagata and Givenchy in Paris. Tutia was also able to witness the creative process behind Ricardo Tisci’s Haute Couture for Givenchy. Just how were they able to present their clothing line at Berlin Fashion Week only days after graduating? The design duo first caught IMG’s attention at the Baltic Fashion Awards and at createurope which led to their invitation to Berlin Fashion Week Autumn 2010.

Stefanie Hanssen and Christoph Niedermeier are thrilled to collaborate with PERRET SCHAAD for an exceptional show. German Vogue lauds “Bravo!” The expectations for PERRET SCHAAD’s debut were high but the pieces shown managed to exceed all previous expectations.