Set with 3 fragrances

To get to know and give as a gift

The small gift set with three fragrances of your choice - ideal for getting to know our fragrance portfolio. Available in two sizes: 3 x 7.5 ml or 3 x 15 ml - packed in a beautiful gift box.

3 Scents / Personal Choice / Individual
from 55 €

Set with 9 fragrances

Large fragrance set as a gift

Select nine manufactured perfumes from our fragrance portfolio - packaged in an exquisite gift box. As a gift to yourself or a loved one.

9 Scents / Personal Choice / Individual
155 €

LEATHER CASE for 3 Scents

Ideal for a weekend trip

Handmade art pieces for the weekend trip: the Travel Case for your 3 favourite fragrances. Made of fair produced leather

Case / Leather / black, peach
from 135 €

Pillow Spray

For a calming sleep

We love this delicate plant – also known as the "soul of Provence" – with its typical blue colour and its intense, etheric scent: lavender. Its flowers have a calming and liberating effect. The scent of lavender chases away negative thoughts and helps us to switch off. Lavender is mood-lifting and works against nervousness and inner restlessness.

The Pillow Spray Lovendal is vegan. 

Calming / Tender / Green
30ml / 20 €