VREE Hand Sanitizer

VREE hand sanitizer. VREE means "free, peaceful, gentle". VREE is brand new and nourishing - a small, fine hand disinfection from Frau Tonis Parfum. Use it on the go, in the office or at home.

100% natural / cruelty free / vegan


VREE cleanses and refreshes hands without drying out your skin. VREE smells refreshingly of bergamot, soothes with gentle lemon balm and activates with spicy mint. This delicate, beautiful hand sanitizer can be finely sprayed on and lightly rubbed into your hands.

50 ml / spray bottle

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donation / heart project / education

For a good cause

Not just for your hand, but also for a good cause: we donate 20% of every sold flask to our heart project “Under Leas Trust”, which gives children in Nairobi simple and pragmatic access to education.

Learn more in our blog and at www.under-leas-trust.de