Completely natural, completely purist

The perfect room scent is sprayed! For more freshness, for relaxation and well-being. Four wonderful, natural room scents give the home soul.

Natural / Purist / Clear
100ml / 35€

A love for life

Green leaves meet bitter orange. So refreshing, so Berlin style - like a cool shower on a hot summer day! Eau de Colognes are a wonderful refreshment, a "splash to go" for in between!

Refreshing / Zesty / Fruity
50ml / 45 €


A case for three fragrances

Three fragrance vials (3 x 7,5 ml) for on the go are in particularly good hands here: Produced from sustainable leather, the case convinces as a perfect (tidy) all-rounder. Whether for daily use or the weekend trip - three favorite fragrances find space and are stylishly protected. Now in an elegant gift box!

Case / Leather / black, peach
from 90 €



Citrus Euphoria

Let notes of orange blossom be around me, euphorize me with bergamot and grapefruit! Wrap me in floral bouquets, in lush aromas of fresh roses, in violets, irises and mimosa. Now is the time for citrus fragrances!
Three eau de parfums (7,5 ml or 15 ml each) in an elegant box.

Journal / Si tu savais / Fig
from 55 €

Fragrance gives a sense of security

Security is a cocktail of safety, warmth and love. It is the primordial elixir of life, the basis of our happiness. In Ms. Toni's perfume, a very special fragrance captures this moment with its gentleness: No. 06 Mémoire Collective embraces with aromas of roses, mimosa, grapes and vetiver....

Embracing / Blooming / Gentle
50ml / 80 €


Which perfume suits me best?

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