embracing / blooming / gentle

This fragrance is an ode to love, shaped by comfort and confidence. Like a warming sunrise on a Sunday in August. Like a Garden of Eden, notes of violet, iris, rose, mimosa, grapefruit, grapes and beguiling ylang-ylang surround us.

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Refreshing / Zesty / Fruity

Green leaves meet bitter orange. So refreshing, so Berlin style - like a cool shower on a hot summer day! Eau de Colognes are a wonderful refreshment, a "splash to go" for in between!

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Botanical Wonder

We have a vision: 21st century cities are becoming greener, wild, natural. As if a piece of rainforest was spreading in a typical metropolis. They are urban art forms and botanical wonders. They are more than just a trend. Thinking green is part of urban life. And that is increasingly shaped by sustainability.

No. 16 Jardin Vertical by Frau Tonis Parfum is all about growth, mindfulness and hope. Therefore, our fragrance is greener than green. Rice forms the heart, precious sandalwood and atlas cedar are added; white tea, fig, musk and ambergris make it irresistible.

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Exceptional Architecture

Frau Tonis Parfum has created an extraordinary room fragrance for the apartments of the JOUX: OUD / JOUX. Discreet and stimulating at the same time, noble and obstinate. Great architecture - translated into fine aromas. In OUD / JOUX, oud - the resin of the eaglewood tree - combines with tart, citrusy aromas of bergamot as well as notes of sandalwood, tobacco, incense, amber and cedar. Pure, delicate and exciting at the same time.

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Perfume Leather Goods by VELT

The Swiss designers Stefan Rechsteiner and Patrick Rüegg are passionate about bags, shoes and leather accessories, how we value them. Designed in Berlin, produced in Switzerland and Hungary.Exclusively for Frau Tonis Parfum, they have developed fine, handcrafted art pieces made from sustainable leather for our fragrance vials. We are in love!

With absolute devotion to innovative, young design, the individualists at VELT give new life to the noble and durable material “leather”. The result: lovingly made leather goods - specially designed for Frau Tonis Parfum.

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