If you love cities, you love urban fragrances: we celebrate with our fragrances the new desire for city trips, for going out, for being alive. Here's an overview of our urban fragrances.

№ 68 - New York

Like a well mixed mocktail

New York. Here, the energy of the city drives me on and on. It inspires me. Every second, something new is to be discovered. So much talent in so little space, so many possibilities. I want to lose myself in the neighborhoods and depths of the street canyons. Here I always feel in good hands. I love this city!

Bergamot, apple and cedar wood dominate this lively cologne. Watermelon, reed, amber and a trace of patchouli give No. 68 New York a wild, impetuous kick.

Lively / Juicy / Shimmery
50ml / 40 EUR

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№ 02 - Berlin Summer

Berlin, your face has freckles… 

"Lemon! Morning dew!" call the senses. The long winter has passed and suddenly hot April is here. The new scents and new life bring with them pure delight­­. For the first day without stockings, for the rediscovered ease of being: No. 02 Berlin Summer. A euphoriant mashing fruity notes, fresh peppermint and lemon balm into blissful ambrosia. A scent that captures the light-heartedness of Berlin summer: fresh, crisp, a classic!

Fresh / Citrusy / Classic
50ml / 40EUR

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№ 47 - Berlin Orange

A love for life

Berlin - that's intoxicating summer evenings and wild city beaches. This city can become a lifelong love story. With all its highs. With all the lows. Always with maximum passion. What fits better than this tart and fruity Eau de Cologne?

No. 47 Berlin Orange is refreshingly puristic with its orange blossoms against green foliage. Perfect on a hot summer day or at happy hour. It's a splash to go!

Refreshing / Zesty / Fruity
50ml / 40 EUR

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№22 Hamburg

Cool and elegant

Munich may be happier... Berlin is possibly more exciting... But Hamburg has the most class. The essence of Hanseatic is a cool greige, a subtle composition borne of low hanging clouds and sand.

Clear and elegant like the far North is fragrance No. 22 Hamburg. Maritime notes mate with peppermint. Fine cedar, sandalwood and delicate iris flowers make the scent magnificently refined.

Maritime / Elegant / Cool
50ml / 75 EUR

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№ 21 Berlin

Vibrant and young

Berlin is a place of inspiration. Berlin: where the project of your life can be realized without giving up individuality. In addition: you have the chance to become a real Berliner in a few years. While in other cities you will always be a newcomer.

How can this feeling be expressed olfactorily? In fragrance No. 21 Berlin dry bergamot meets lively lemon, cedar meets cardamom. Flowers of water lilies cap off this creative fragrance. Lively, young, vibrant.

Lively / Citrusy / Edgy
50ml / 75 EUR

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