Centrally located near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, you will find the exclusive perfumery FRAU TONIS PARFUM. Perfume aficionados from all over the world also create their own customized scents here.

Scent as inspiration

Berlin‘s prettiest perfumery

Letting perfumes speak for themselves, as a source of inspiration, without expensive ad campaigns or adorning celebrities: this is our philosophy at FRAU TONIS PARFUM. Because, to us, luxury is not a matter of extravagance, but of taking the time to carefully and lovingly select a range of exquisitely crafted perfume. Our Berlin boutique offers the ideal setting to discover our line of fragrances in a serene setting. Feel free to wander about and be inspired by our scents. Let them take you on a sensuous journey into the olfactory memory of your past.

Engage in dialogue with our scents and combine them according to personal taste to create your very own bespoke fragrance. As a part of the creative process you will be able to witness the making of your customized perfume. Our experienced scent experts will gladly assist you along the way. Our exquisitely crafted perfume are made here in Berlin and are show cased in clear glass pharmacy bottles to guarantee that nothing will distract you from what is really important, the fragrance itself. Because perfumery is an art form we hold dear.

Our fragrances range from the fresh floral, „Linde Berlin“, and energetically tangy “Berlin Summer”, to the utterly extravagant “Pure Violet”, a scent that captivated Berlin’s very own Marlene Dietrich almost 100 years ago. Our olfactory homage to the city of Berlin is the wonderful “Eau de Berlin”, a modern, energetic, fresh and vibrant scent that mirrors the city it represents. Our love for perfumes can be felt in every little detail.

Do it your way

Customized perfume

Frau Tonis is all about minimalism. ‘Scent as inspiration’ is our philosophy, and we let our 36 artisanal perfumes take the spotlight. We believe that perfume doesn’t exists solely to appeal to the opposite sex, and seem to have struck a nerve with this idea – Fragrance aficionados from all over the world visit Frau Tonis Parfum in order to create their very own ‘Customised Fragrance’ with us. Our scent experts are at hand to help along the way to creating the perfect, made- to-measure fragrance.

Fragrances are a sensual aide-mémoire and release forgotten memories and conjure visions of those that we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts. An individual perfume from the ‘Fragrance journey’ is a real treat and our fragrance workshops are the perfect chance to dive into your own olfactory remembrances and tastes. Our workshops have fixed time slots, and can also be booked by appointment.

To create your own customized scent requires one to two hours. During this time we take you on a fragrance journey where we present our artisanal fragrances to you, and help you to identify your scent preferences and map out an idea for your personal scent along the way. At the end of the fragrance workshop your new custom perfume is mixed, and we archive the recipe.

Fragrance journey

For the love of fragrance

Since 2009

In the summer of 2009 during a concert in the Berlin Philharmonie I was seated next to a woman who was wearing such an extraordinarily alluring scent that I could hardly focus on the music being played. Was I too shy, or did I think that the question was perhaps to intimate? Either way I didn’t ask her what the name of her perfume was. In the following days I set out on a quest in search of the fragrance armed only with my memory of the perfume, and smelled my way through the perfume boutiques of Berlin. All without results.

I was constantly being presented with the most ‘trendy’ perfumes, big brands and an endless assortment of mainstream fragrances. I came to ask myself ’Why doesn’t someone offer something as intimately sensual as perfume with a bit of sensitivity and passion? Don’t you need to actually listen to the customer? Why isn’t it possible to create a tailor-made perfume?’ 

Six months later I founded my own perfumery. It’s dedicated to my grandmother Toni-Luise, who enriched my life with her passion for handmade products, made to measure dresses and exotic perfumes. 

Scents for her and for him

Feminine Fragrances for Women by FRAU TONIS PARFUM

Fragrances with Personality

  • Why do different fragrances hold for different durations?
  • What are the hottest perfumes for women by FRAU TONIS PARFUM?
  • Which women's fragrances do men love?
  • Which women's fragrances work for what time of the year?
  • Are women's fragrances by FRAU TONIS PARFUM giftable?

Femininely accented women's fragrances by FRAU TONIS PARFUM underline every woman's individual character. They lend their wearers confidence and emphasise their feminine side. Here, you will get to know which feminine types of perfumes we offer, as well as the different types of scents. This way, you will find your new FRAU TONIS favourite scent in no time!

Why Different Fragrances Hold for Different Durations

At FRAU TONIS PARFUM, you have the choice between various types of perfume. You could choose an intense, voluminous perfume, eau de parfum, or eau de cologne (splash to go). The crucial difference lies in the respective concentration of the fragrance.

Intense, Voluminous Perfumes

Intense, voluminous perfumes exhibit the highest fragrance concentration. Usually, the proportion lies between 15 and 30 percent -- though up to 40 percent are possible, too. A single drop suffices for a long-lasting, fragrant experience. This type of perfume is especially convenient for when you're on the move and unable to renew your scent, but want to smell decidedly delicious for a special occasion, even after a long time.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum exhibits a lesser amount of fragrance oil, ranging from 10 to 14 percent. Two sprays will suffice for a lasting effect. You can apply it subtly to your clothing or to your skin. Perfect for the daytime or a long night out. The scent will remain discreetly noticeable, even after many hours spent dancing.

Eau de Cologne (Splash to Go)

Eau de cologne is often referred to as a refresher or "splash to go." It has a proportion of 3 to 5 percent aromatic substances. The eau de cologne is the perfect companion for those afraid of using too much perfume or those who perceive scents very intensely. It envelops its wearer with a pleasant freshness that gradually subsides.

Which Fragrance by FRAU TONIS PARFUM Do Women Like?

There are certain fragrances by FRAU TONIS PARFUM that women cherish especially. These scents may all be quite feminine, but all smell very different. They can be classified into four fragrance families:


The floral family of fragrances not only commands the most comprehensive range of various scents -- it is also the best-selling. Flowery scents most commonly utilise jasmine and rose. They possess a gentle and soothing aura -- and also a certain romantic tinge. A floral fragrance can either consist of a singular flower scent or be comprised of multiple blossoms. The Eau de Parfum No. 08 Été Éternel by FRAU TONIS PARFUM is a typical example for an extremely popular floral fragrance.


Fruity women's fragrances have an exotic and at once very feminine exuberance. They make us pine for sunny summers. Fruit such as blackcurrant, fig, or apple find their way into the mix. The Eau de Parfum No. 44 Fig is a delicious composition of green and violet figs, lush foliage, and fig wood.

Warm & Sensuous

Warm and sensuous scents sweep us away, to the Orient. Sensuous women fall for this combination of spicy, woody, and sweet scent compounds. Those seeking a women's fragrance from The Arabian Nights should look no further than FRAU TONIS PARFUM Eau de Parfum No. 12 Accroche-Coeur!


Likewise, oriental scents such as nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, or almond suit women especially well. They appeal as seductive, gloriously feminine, and beguiling. The Eau de Parfum No. 88 Bahia exemplifies this wonderfully -- with its hints of magnolia, almond, cherry, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lemon grass.

The hottest perfumes for women by FRAU TONIS PARFUM

The current perfume trends by FRAU TONIS PARFUM tend towards minimalism. Essentially, delicate, clear, and puristic scents are highly popular. The Eau de Parfum No. 17 Laundrette is a favourite. Discover the most popular perfumes by FRAU TONIS PARFUM at any time by taking a look at the bestseller list.

Which Fragrance by FRAU TONIS PARFUM Do Men Love?

Fragrances by FRAU TONIS PARFUM have a strong effect on your counterpart. Our sense of smell tells us whether we are interested in someone within a matter of seconds. Men claim to find women attractive who wear floral, fresh, or citric fragrances. However, a whole swathe of men also admires woody and tangy women's fragrances, as they seem mysterious and appealing. Women can also surprise their partners at any time with a novel women's fragrance that is entirely different from the norm. The Eau de Parfum No. 33 VILD by FRAU TONIS PARFUM inspires with its hints of saffron, buckskin, thyme, raspberry, toasting aroma, amber, and midnight jasmine.

Which Women's Fragrances Work for What Time of the Year?

Whichever fragrance is worn for which season naturally depends on personal preference. Nevertheless, certain women's fragrances are undeniably perfect matches for specific seasons.

Women's Spring Fragrances

As soon as the sun shows its face again and the first blossoms begin to spring up, a springlike feeling ensues; and the time seems ripe for fresh, green women's fragrances. To this end, grasses or bergamot come into question, for example. However, white blossomy scents such as jasmine, lily, and orange and lemon blossoms can also culminate in a flowery, citric freshness. These fragrance compositions perfectly reflect the all-encompassing spring awakening. All of a sudden, one is energised and longs to spend as much time as possible in the outdoors. Euphoria takes over! A popular fragrance by FRAU TONIS PARFUM: the Eau de Parfum No. 11 Si tu Savais with lemon, green apple, hyacinth, musk, and cedarwood.

Women's Summer Fragrances

Summer calls for lightness. Here, fruity women's fragrances become the perfect choice. Exotic scents like orange or passion fruit are especially popular -- although regional scents such as peach and cherry also create a summery vibe. Naturally, citric scents are a possibility, too. Gentle blossomy bouquets are the perfect companion for scorching summer days. A wonderful summer fragrance can be found in the Eau de Parfum No. 14 Grasse à toiby FRAU TONIS PARFUM: jasmine, peach blossom, and iris fuse into a voluptuous floral festival. Vanilla and ripe berry aromas ensure a fruity and warm finish.

Women's Autumn Fragrances

Autumn cold, uncomfortable weather tends to be a bit demotivating. Lush, floral fragrances can help you maximise your well-being. Combinations with warm scents such as vanilla make for the perfect women's fragrance for autumn. Additionally, woody scents make for an ideal autumnal accompaniment while the leaves fall. The Eau de Parfum No. 12 Accroche-Coeur by FRAU TONIS PARFUM fits this role perfectly: a fruity, oriental fragrance which sees the fusion of apple, cinnamon, and vanilla with rose and patchouli.

Women's Winter Fragrances

Come winter, the time is ripe for strong, highly concentrated women's perfumes. Oriental and spicy perfumes enwrap our hearts with a warm, fuzzy feeling. The woody tonka bean suits the dark, cold months of the year exceptionally well. This fits perfectly with FRAU TONIS' No. 19 Oud Weiss as pure perfume. Precious agarwood meets bergamot, sandal- and cedarwood; while breathing hints of tobacco, frankincense, and fine amber. This highly concentrated perfume delves even deeper into the skin and lasts longer. Perfect for lovers of intense fragrances.

Women's Fragrances as Gift Ideas

For Valentine's Day; as a birthday present; or a gift for Christmas -- women's fragrances are always a wonderful and personal gift idea. Meeting the donee's taste is not always easy, as every woman has her own taste. If you know the person quite well, you can receive personal recommendations based on FRAU TONIS PARFUM's fragrance test. All you need to do is answer a handful of questions. For those who aren't sure, we recommend to get a beautiful gift voucher from FRAU TONIS PARFUM. This way, the donee can choose their own favourite fragrance!


Fragrances for men by FRAU TONIS PARFUM- discover our most popular perfumes for men

Among the segment's most popular fragrances: FRAU TONIS PARFUM's exclusive men's fragrances -- or fragrances with a masculine character -- No. 05 Aventure and No. 56 Valeria.


Find your signature scent

Whichever masculine fragrance you choose does not just depend on your personal taste. True perfume connoisseurs choose their eau de parfum based on the occasion. Are you looking for a light daytime scent or an evening fragrance full of gravitas? To this end, you should have a grasp of the common types of fragrances and their families.


Oriental Fragrances for Men

Oriental fragrances are sensuous, mysterious, and tantalising. This type of perfume shrouds you with a mysterious air -- simply attractive. The most commonly used compounds include musk, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla. These heavy, usually woody and spicy scents lend themselves well to evening occasions. Confident gentlemen like to wear oriental fragrances during the daytime.


Floral Fragrances for Men

At first, floral fragrances appear romantic and playful. To this end, the perfumier often employs violet, jasmine, rose, lily-of-the-valley, and lilac. Such fragrances, when infused with tangy scents such as leaves, ferns, and grasses, are referred to as green fragrances. Floral scents are uncomplicated all-rounders -- at home in any situation and fit for a range of occasions.


Fruity Fragrances for Men

Not unlike its floral counterpart, this family of fragrances strikes you with a playful air -- though it is ultimately more relaxed. Fruity men's fragrances are especially popular with younger men. Popular compounds: apple, peach, pineapple, or red fruit. Ideal for the daytime.


Woody & Tangy Fragrances for Men

Woody and tangy fragrances are warm and elegant without seeming overbearing. This family of scents harmonises well with oriental aromas. Together, they result in especially strong perfumes. Often used compounds include cedar and vetiver. This long-lasting, heavy type of fragrance best unfolds its aromas in the evening.


Citric Fragrances for Men

Fans of freshness and simplicity will find that the family of citric scents suits them perfectly! This type of fragrance is ideal for active and sporty men. Popular compounds include bergamot, lime, or orange. Citric scents are light and unobtrusive -- ideal for daytime activities. You've found your FRAU TONIS PARFUM signature fragrance and you just can't get enough of your new favourite scent? FRAU TONIS PARFUM offers a number of men's fragrances not just as eau de parfum, but also as pure, intense, and highly concentrated perfume. Discover our current (men's frangrance) bestsellers at FRAU TONIS PARFUM. The Bestsellerlist reflects what all customers of FRAU TONIS PARFUM have chosen -- both online as well as in-store.