A like Accessories

that Frau Tonis Parfum has been offering exclusively and in a limited edition since autumn 2019. Our first line of accessories was created in collaboration with NUW`D Aiccessories.

B like Bloomy Scents

Our floweriest compositions are No. 17 Laundrette, No. 08 Été Éternel and the extraordinary No. 37 Veilchen. Originally, fragrance was obtained using enfleurage (from "fleur" = flower). A very complex and lengthy process, in which whole flowers were placed in pomade until they released their fragrance on the carrier material. Flowery scents do not necessarily have to be floral, but can be really exciting in the combination with other components.

C like Colognes

that we offer in addition to our Eau de Parfums and Intense Parfums. In contrast to Eau de Parfums, Colognes are less concentrated (perfume oil) and therefore lighter. The word comes from a certain Monsieur Farina, who introduced the Eau de Cologne: a citrusy scented water.

D like Delicious Fragrance

and the love for it. This was the starting point for the foundation of Frau Tonis Parfum. Stefanie Hanssen's wish was to create a personal fragrance or an own composition of scents - in an aesthetic, professional atmosphere.

E like Exceptional

Create your individual fragrance at a Frau Tonis’ workshop... You can combine your own fragrance alone, in pairs or with others; depending on who you want to share this experience with.

F like Fruity perfumes

which are complex and never “just fruity”. No. 09 Journal, for example, smells of black currant, No. 33 Vild smells of raspberry, No. 12 Accroche Coeur of Apple, No. 68 New York of Watermelon and No. 88 Bahia of cherry blossoms… But actually these scents smell of so much more.

G like Grasse

world capital of high quality fragrance production. Here is also the perfume house with which Frau Tonis has been successfully cooperating for a decade.

H like Horoscope

You can find our fragrance horoscopes on our blog.

I like Inspiration

J like Join us

everytime. All fragrances by Frau Tonis are available in a travel-friendly vial of 7.5 ml.

K like Keep it simple

like a classic fragrance. The "classic" for scents refers to the time when aldehydes came into fashion. It was the first synthetic ingredient that was used in the perfume industry (1920). The use of this note had its peak in the 80s. The most classic fragrance in our range is No. 20 Sminta: Aldehyde makes it “vintage”, lily makes it “modern”.

L like Lust of change

You can wear a different fragrance every day - depending on your mood, occasion and changing preferences. At Frau Tonis Parfum you can “live it out” by choosing from 36 fragrances - more than the monthly calendar counts days.

M like Munich

Hamburg, New York and Berlin of course. We have dedicated fragrances to our favorite cities. The latest is No. 68 New York: a fruity mocktail with a view of the Central Park.

N like Niche fragrance

Is made exclusively by manufacturers that create perfumes outside the mainstream. Just like Frau Tonis Parfum.

O like Olfactory sense

which is the only one that is directly connected to the nervous system. This is why this sense is particularly sensitive and triggers us emotionally: buried memories and feelings can be brought back to life.

P like Perfumery

is a symphony, it has a beginning, a middle and an end – Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone.

Q like Quality

The quality of our natural and synthetic components is very important for every new launch and re-formulation. Our natural components come from sustainable, European production.

R like Rose

It was and will always be an important part of the perfume world. With rose bitter notes appear smoother, it gives sweetness and intensity. The most famous roses in the perfume world are the May rose, the Damascus rose and the Taif rose. We especially love the May rose in our scent No. 39 Rose de France.

S like Self

We think: fragrance should not be used for pairing. But it can be a pleasant side effect. For us, fragrance is primarily about being able to express yourself, celebrating your individuality or simply wearing what makes you feel confident.

T like Toni

The “Workshop of scents” is dedicated to Stefanie Hanssen's grandmother Toni Luise, who was and still is a source of inspiration for her elegance and exquisite taste.

U like Unisex

Fragrance for all genders.

V like Vegan scents

that we offer in our range: No. 11 Si tu Savais, No. 08 Été Éternel, No. 21 Berlin, No. 09 Journal, No. 18 Bogota Berlin, No. 05 Aventure, No. 19 Oud Weiss, No. 22 Hamburg, No. 30 Thé Arabique

W like What

you should never do with fragrances if they should last for 36 months: Don’t expose them to temperature fluctuations, for example in bathrooms or put them into direct sunlight.

X like 10

10 years of Frau Tonis Parfum, what we celebrated in 2019!

Y like You / Du / tu / De / أنت

You influence a fragrance with your own body chemistry. The same scent smells different on every skin.

Z like Zealous

for the future. For us, sustainability means treating the earth's resources with care.