Every scent from Frau Tonis Parfum tells a story. They take you on an intimate journey to far away lands and tell you their secrets. Read on to discover the full story.

Balmy / Exotic / Warm

No. 30 - Thé Arabique

There are the banks of the Nile with its lush green fields, sugar cane plantations and orchards. There are the fellahs who today, as thousands of years ago, use the land for agriculture and suddenly pause with a strong black tea and look on the everlasting course of the river. And it is the memory of a magical place, a dreamy sunset at Aswan, right on the threshold of the first Nile cataract…

The enthusiasm for the culture of Egypt and for whose people, flavors and tastes inspired Frau Tonis Parfum to fragrance No. 30 THÉ ARABIQUE. THÉ ARABIQUE smells of notes
of black tea, ripe quince, dry Irish whiskey, gurjun balm, musk and vanilla. This fragrance is intense and exotic, generates a warm heart and plays with a fine hint of sugary sweet

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Pure euphoria

No. 08 - Été Éternel

Those were the final days of summer: every last flower had blossomed, the sun shone and the summer seemed to stretch on eternally… Été Éternel, the latest, floral scent from FRAU TONIS PARFUM, is a lush ode to summer, with fresh orange blossom, cool bergamot, tuberose and iris; an opulent, sunny fragrance with a warm sandalwood accord and a touch of vanilla.

What sets this scent apart from the rest?

Simply overwhelming, one has the sense of falling deep into a sea of delicate flowers. Été Éternel is intense with a complex and engaging sillage. Regal and over the top like a generous bouquet of flowers.

Été Éternel is a scent for the whole year round that calls to mind memories of warm midsummer night’s eve by the river accompanied with a glass of cool rosé. Scent as inspiration – Été Éternel is pure euphoria.

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Exquisite and mysterious...

New! No. 25 Bouquin

Life is a novel and we continue to write it day by day! No. 25 Bouquin takes me on a journey to an unknown country. The morning is clear, earthy papyrus and delicate bergamot blossoms surround the place by the river. A young trader hands me a bowl of spicy cardamom; I drink a cup of tea that smells like lush white flowers. My story begins here …

For the launch of our new fragrance we have teamed up with Reclam and created a limited edition: No. 25 Bouquin & Kurt Tucholsky´s novel “Rheinsberg”.

What does No. 25 Bouquin smell like? FRAU TONIS’ latest creation breathes precious sandalwood, sensuous amber with a touch of exotic Madagascan vanilla. Soft, fresh notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon and cardamom, combined with Florentine iris, rose blossom and violet. White musk makes this fragrance mysterious, delicate and exquisite.

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Smell the summer!


The hotel room in Aix-en-Provence just next to the market square, the bed with white, fine linen, exudes the softness of early summer. Long sunrays light up the room. And through the room blows the scent that I know from the small French laundries ...

No. 17 LAUNDRETTE by FRAU TONIS PARFUM is an ode to the color white, to the incomparable sense of purity. A delicate, almost transparent fragrance. Pure, gentle, clean. Freesia, iris, white flowers and a hint of tart black currant combined with elegant French cypresses. Amber and white musk nestle against each other.

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New Spirit...

No. 68 - New York

New York. Here, the energy of the city drives me on and on. It inspires me. Every second, something new is to be discovered. So much talent in so little space, so many possibilities. I want to lose myself in the neighborhoods and depths of the street canyons, always feeling in good hands. I love this city!

Alive / Fruity / Shimmering

Bergamot, apple and cedar wood dominate this lively cologne. Watermelon, reed, amber and a trace of patchouli give No. 68 New York a wild, impetuous kick.

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The violet diva

No. 37 - Violet

According to several sources, the Berlin-born actress Marlene Dietrich was captivated by our fragrance No. 37 'Violet': a signature scent which accompanied her during her incomparable performances on the silver screen. Eccentric, self assured and loud - a unique and outlandish perfume in which violet, raspberry and licorice notes make unlikely bed fellows.

I’m not that innocent: No. 37 ‘Violet’

She described herself as a femme fatale, as an experienced woman of a certain class, who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Close your eyes and imagine the iconic, androgynous face of Marlene Dietrich, her slender silhouette and breath in deeply the extravagant oder of her violet fragrance… The roaring twenties are back!

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Berlin, your face has freckles…

No. 02 - Berlin Summer

"Lemon! Morning dew!" calls the senses. The long winter has passed and suddenly it's is already hot in April. My scent is a pure delight­­. For the first day without stockings, for the rediscovered ease of being: No. 02 Berlin Summer. An euphoriant fragrance of fruity citrus notes, fresh peppermint and lemon balm. A scent that olfactory captures the light-heartedness of Berlin summer: fresh, crisp, a classic!

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These are VILD times

No. 33 - VILD

For times like these, characterised by irritation and uncertainty, FRAU TONIS PARFUM has developed a perfume to inspire resistance, independence and audacity.

The new fragrance, No. 33 VILD sets itself apart from the mainstream. VILD is intentionally not a delicate floral perfume, and does not exist to serve the pleasure of others or to assist in art of seduction. Instead an atypical unisex scent has been created which is independent, uncompromising and beguiling.

No. 33 VILD – Stay rebellious, free and courageous.

Unusually concentrated dosages of saffron and suede find an unlikely complement with notes of raspberries, roast aromas and thyme. Amber and midnight jasmine round out No. 33 VILD, a real statement perfume.

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Trubute to Berlin’s cult-hotel Bogota.

No. 18 - Bogota Berlin

No. 18 Bogota is lively: the olfactory memory of Berlin’s cult-hotel Bogota. Here lived resident artists and creatives from Hanna Schygulla, to Wim Wenders and from Mario Testino to Keira Knightley.

Helmut Newton even studied his craft with the Berlin photographer Yva in the Atelier under the residence.

In our homage to the legendary Hotel Bogota, fruity figs and bergamot combine with white pepper, noble cedarwood and invigorating vetiver. In No. 18 Bogota Berlin it is the juxtaposition of fruity and spicy, fresh and soft that gives this Eau de Parfum its allure. ‘Scent pope’ Chandler Burr is a fan!

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