Fragrance aficionados come to Frau Tonis Parfum from all over the world not only due to our extraordinary niche fragrances, but also to create their own individual perfumes in our “scent workshop”.

Unique perfumes by
Frau Tonis Parfum

A fragrance journey in our perfume-boutique

Come to our Berlin atelier to embark on a fragrance journey and develop your entirely personal perfume with our fragrance experts. An intensive dialogue reveals your scent preferences and opens your “olfactory diary”.

In the frame of about an hour-long scent journey, our fragrance experts compose your unique perfume – as individual as the character of a person. We archive the recipe of your individual perfumes so that your scent is not only in our atelier, but also available to reorder online or by telephone.

If you want to create your own customized perfume, please buy your vouher for a fragrance journey in our perfume boutique in Berlin.

Your individual recipe is already created? Then you can reorder it here.