No. 26 Yellow Cordt shows us the whole spectrum of our possibilities. Let us think life anew. Let us discover the world anew.

No. 26 Yellow Cordt smells of a new time. After a feeling of mental freedom and emancipation, after a gentle revolution of youth. What is masculine? What is feminine? Aren't we all in-between? None of us is just the one.

This fragrance is also a reminiscence of the 1970s, which paved the way for us to allow men to be feminine and women to be masculine. Who likes is in-between. Let's fall in love anew with the memory of a decade that was wild, loud and free! Above us only sky...

Today I am in tune with my feminine side, tomorrow with my masculine. Let's accept that we don't have just one defined gender inside of us.

One part of me is feminine, another is masculine. I love that. One side of me is able to be more empathetic - like my mother. I am also strong like my father. Let's embrace that, that we all exist on a spectrum of gender. That's better than saying, I'm male or I'm a woman. None of us is just one thing.

No. 26
Yellow Cordt

free / bright / young

Notes: orange blossom, lime, sandalwood, vetiver, cardamom, pink pepper, jasmine

oriental, vegan, unisex.

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