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Scent-box Blossom

Scent-box Blossom

Été Éternel / Grasse à toi / Tulip

Scent-box "Blossom" contains three unisex perfumes: No. 08 Été Éternel is a dream of eternal summer: tuberose, iris, orange blossom and ylang-yang exude an irresistible bouquet. No. 14 Grasse à toi brings jasmine, peach blossom and iris-a dazzling flower festival! No. 58 Tulip evokes happy thoughts with rich green foliage, geranium, violets and delicate citrus notes.
Three Eau de Parfums (7.5 ml or 15 ml each) in an elegant box.

Été Éternel | Rich, Bloomy, Sunny
Grasse à toi | Floral, Fruity, Ripe
Tulip | Vernal, Fresh, Floral