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/ No 17 Laundrette



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Pure / Clean / Gentle

Minimalism can be pure bliss! This silky fragrance is reminiscent of freshly starched linens combined with a delicate bouquet of freesia, iris, white flowers and black currants. Amber and white musk nestle against each other. Yes, this fragrance touches me!

freesia, iris, french cypress, white musk, amber, black currants

Floral / EdP / Unisex

The hotel room in Aix-en-Provence just next to the market square, the bed with white, fine linen, exudes the softness of early summer. Long sunrays light up the room. And through the room blows the scent that I know from the small French laundries ... No. 17 LAUNDRETTE by FRAU TONIS PARFUM is an ode to the color white, to the incomparable sense of purity. A delicate, almost transparent fragrance. Pure, gentle, clean. Freesia, iris, white flowers and a hint of tart black currant combined with elegant French cypresses. Amber and white musk nestle against each other.