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/ No 33 Vild



Rebellious / Dark Berries / Glamorous

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An extraordinary unisex scent that is rebellious, uncompromising and glamorous. Highly concentrated aromas of saffron and wild leather are unexpectedly complemented by thyme, raspberries and roasted aromas. Amber and midnight jasmine complete this statement fragrance.

wild leather, saffron, thyme, raspberries, roasted aromas, amber, midnight jasmine

Oriental / EdP / Unisex

These are VILD times. For times like these, characterised by irritation and uncertainty, FRAU TONIS PARFUM has developed a perfume to inspire resistance, independence and audacity. The new fragrance, No. 33 VILD sets itself apart from the mainstream. VILD is intentionally not a delicate floral perfume, and does not exist to serve the pleasure of others or to assist in art of seduction. Instead an atypical unisex scent has been created which is independent, uncompromising and beguiling. No. 33 VILD – Stay rebellious, free and courageous. Unusually concentrated dosages of saffron and suede find an unlikely complement with notes of raspberries, roast aromas and thyme. Amber and midnight jasmine round out No. 33 VILD, a real statement perfume.