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/ No 05 Aventure
Aventure 50 ml  / 90 €



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Maritime / Woody / Elegant

Warm resinous cedar wood combined with spicy pepper and vetiver. An airy sea breeze cools this wonderfully sharp scent, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience. This scent is vegan.

Note: vetiver, cedar wood, ambergris, pink pepper, patchouli

Green/ EdP / Unisex

Here I am sitting on the rocking train from Lisbon to Porto, feeling the rhythm of the land... Have you ever walked with bare feet through the lush grass in the Maine park? Have you ever felt the soft waters of Lago di Nemi in the Alban Hills on your skin? Travel is life. It's a happy adventure. An excursion into unknown territory. No. 05 Aventure takes us to maritime realms. With an unexpected spiciness of pink pepper and intense vetiver - in unison with delicious aromas of cedarwood, patchouli and amber.