The Swiss designers Stefan Rechsteiner and Patrick Rüegg are passionate about bags, shoes and leather accessories. Exclusively for Frau Tonis Parfum, they have developed fine, handcrafted art pieces made from sustainably produced leather for our fragrance vials. Designed in Berlin, produced in Switzerland and Hungary.  We are in love!

With absolute devotion to innovative, young design, the individualists at VELT give new life to the noble and durable material “leather”. The result: lovingly made leather goods - specially designed for Frau Tonis Parfum.

Cover COAT - Case CASE - Necklace COLLAR & Tassel CROWN

Fragrance meets design

We are collaborating on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Frau Tonis Parfum with NUW'D Aiccessories. One of the most innovative jewelry labels in Berlin, they are breaking down the boundaries between natural and artificial, fashion and technology, sustainability and innovative sales concepts.

For this anniversary, the fragrance chain GEM and stand accessory BASE have been created. Frau Tonis Parfum vials can be worn around the neck in either silver- or gold-plated brass GEM. Up to three perfume vials can be displayed in the black steel stand BASE.

Fragrance chains GEM - Stand accessory BASE