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Welcome to a world of exquisite perfumes. At Frau Tonis Parfum you can learn all about the history of perfume as well as perfume production methods and raw materials.  We also explain what the difference is between eau de parfum and eau de toilette.

The history of perfume

Even in in the ancient era mankind has desired to surround themselves with pleasant scents. The earliest signs of the production of perfume come from the year 7000 BC, which means humans have been producing perfume for over 9000 years. The Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians used essential oils and ointments for embalming the pharaohs, as well as in temple rituals where they were burned so that the heavenly scent would rise up to the gods. The latin term ‘per fumum’ - through smoke- is the root of the modern word perfume. The 13th century was a golden age for perfume: Arabic scholars discovered the technique of distillation though which they were able to extract the aroma of rose petals into water. The knights of the crusade returned to Europe with exotic scents and elixirs and so started the Western love affair with perfume. It was also discovered in France around the same time how to distill pure alcohol from wine – a milestone for the production of perfume. It was around this time that Grasse and Venice developed into centers of the perfume world. With the process of Enfleurage the French discovered yet another way to extract scents from perfumed plants and flowers. Even today Grasse, a small village on the Côte d‘Azur, is renowned as the ‘world capital’ of perfume, from where perfume essences and raw materials are produced and exported the world over. During the era of Absolutism under the sun king Louis XIV the first perfume houses were established in Paris. It was during this time that the profession of the Perfumer was ‘born’. It was the perfumer’s job to beguile and delight the aristocracy with perfumed creations. Today there are around 2000 perfumers worldwide: they all possess an unusually sensitive nose, a fantastic sense of fantasy and strong intuition. 

How are fragrances extracted

Perfumes are a composition of various raw ingredients, distilled water and pure alcohol. Alcohol is odorless, so it’s just the essential oils and scented substances which lend perfumes their fragrance. Long time favourites as well as precious aromas in the perfume industry are floral notes like iris, jasmine or rose. During the process of distillation freshly plucked flower petals are added to water and heated. The scent of the petals is released and captured in the resulting steam. As the steam cools the so-called essence is produced which is deposited on the surface. An absolute is extracted through a similar process called solvent extraction. An absolute is a highly aromatic, oily mixture extracted from plants. Flowers and plants can develop differing scent facets depending on whether they are processed through extraction or distillation. While an essence allows the lighter and more radiant side of floral notes to shine through, absolutes convey their more rich depths and opulence.

The difference between eau de toilette and eau de parfum

In the world of perfumes fragrances are classed according to their relative concentrations of water, alcohol and fragrance oils. The intensity and longevity of the perfumes depend on how concentrated they are.


Perfume and Essence de Parfum is the most precious and valuable fragrance that can be found in the world of perfume. Their scent concentration is at around 35%, and is therefore the most intense and long lasting. Perfumes lend a special expression to base notes. Here the perfumer tends to concentrate on the special characteristics of a scent and places an accent on the longevity and power of the fragrance. Eau de parfum

Eau de Perfume

Just as expressive but slightly less exuberant is eau de parfum. With a scent concentration at around 14% eau de parfum lies in the middle of spectrum. Here the perfumer concentrates on the heart notes and emphasises the intensity of the perfume.

Eau de Toilette

The head notes and light freshness of a fragrance are called to the foreground in eau de toilettes.  A scent concentration of up to 9% means that an eau de toilette is breezy yet present – the perfect choice for the every day. Eau de cologne

Eau de Colognes

Colognes are known for their lightness and freshness, with a scent concentration of 5% maximum. In colognes the perfumer often composes bright and light fragrances with citrus headnotes and refreshing accents. ‘Splash to go’ is the perfect way to describe an eau de cologne!

Exquisite scents – popular raw ingredients in perfume production


Is a rare citrus fruit, which is primarily grown in sunny Calabria. It was derived through crossing bitter orange with lime. Bergamot essence is derived through the cold pressing of the fruit’s peel. This process is employed exclusively with citrus fruits, as the essential oil is located in small pockets in the peel. Bergamot is often used as a top note in perfume, as it’s crisp citric aroma creates a fresh opening for fragrances.


Is synonymous with femininity and after the rose is the most used flower in the perfume industry. The harvest of jasmine flowers takes place early in the morning, when the flowers’ buds have not yet opened. The valuable jasmine absolute is produced through solvent extraction. To produce a liter of absolute an entire tonne of flowers are required. Feminine, captivating and enveloping – jasmine brings fragrance to a truly sensuous experience and is used predominately in the heart notes of a perfume.

Iris absolute

Is one of the most expensive essences in a perfumer’s arsenal. The flowers are found today around the mediterranean and were already being used during the renaissance to perfume leather goods and wigs. With iris flowers it’s not the petals but the roots which are used in perfume. These are pressed and distilled through water vapour. Out of the resulting iris butter the iris absolute is extracted. Iris is distinguished through its unique and most complex of fragrances. It is often described as dry and woody, but at the same time powdery, smooth and a little green. Iris is featured mainly in the heart and basis notes of perfumes.


Did you know that vanilla is a type of orchid? The plant comes from Mexico originally, but is now primarily cultivated in Madagascar, Tahiti and La Réunion. Vanilla pods are still green when they are harvested after a growth period of up to twelve months. The vanilla absolute is derived through extraction. Vanilla is used only as a base note in perfumes. It’s no wonder that it’s opulent, lightly spiced aroma permeates the entirety of a fragrance.

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