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"Frau Toni's fragrances are nothing less than a poetic walk through the sensuous undergrowth of your own past." VOGUE

FRAU TONIS PARFUM - exquisite manufactory-perfumes "made in Berlin". Fragrance lovers can also create their own customized scent in the perfume workshop.

Operating hours: monday thru saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.


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Bespoke scents

The desire for personal perfumes. If you'd like a customized fragrance, you can create your own tailor-made scent at FRAU TONIS PARFUM. A special luxury - as individual as the character of a person. Afterwards, you can enjoy an exquisite FRAU TONIS' Signature Fragrance Cocktail at The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin.

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Five Questions To Your Favorite Scent

Why the Diva Loved Violet...

Our fragrance, no. 37 "Violet", was inspired by Marlene Dietrich's famous love for her violet fragrance! Eccentric, self-assured, noisy - a vivid and exotic violet blossom bouquet with raspberry and licorice notes. Read more about our exceptional fragrances here...

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