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If you want our fragrance bar to add an olfactory experience
to your event space or your event needsa room-filling aroma,
you will find a selection of our previous collaborations here.

Fashion Events

Our love for sophisticated fashion and aesthetic design
is reflected in numerous fashion events. Our fragrances
waft over catwalks, can be found in popularly
goodybagsor euphoric designers and models.


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Vogue Fashion Night

Whether gala, shop opening, company event or trade fair - FRAU TONIS ’Fragrance Bar is the communicative focus of an extraordinary event. Here the guests come into contact with manufactory perfumes and can have their personal perfume created on site. The “Fragrance Bar” event can be booked both in the FRAU TONIS PARFUM workshop rooms and in a location of your choice.

Fragrance-Bar by Frau Tonis Parfum

Tommy Hilfiger

The FRAU TONIS PARFUM Fragrance Bar delighted visitors and guests at the opening of the Tommy Hilfiger anchor stores in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Guests and customers were able to have their personal fragrance made by FRAU TONIS PARFUM in the stores during the opening weeks. Since then, more than 1000 people from Düsseldorf and Berlin have their new, individual favorite fragrance!


Event fragrance for Adidas

EURO DAY: 11,000 Adidas employees and their families celebrated "France & Savoir Vivre" in Herzogenaurach. FRAU TONIS PARFUM enriched the opulent company party with elegant, mobile fragrance counters.

Here, visitors were not only introduced to the world of beautiful fragrances, but also received a fresh and dynamic Adidas event fragrance as a souvenir. The exclusive perfume for the "Adidas EURO DAY" smelled of fresh mint, spicy sandalwood and delicate iris blossoms.

Eastpak x Frau Tonis

Travel Parfum & Event Launch

Find your perfect fragrance for every trip! Eastpak, known for high-quality luggage, invited to an exclusive perfume workshop at Frau Tonis' fragrance studio to celebrate its new CNNCT collection. Together with Frau Tonis fragrance experts, perfumers composed their personal, individual travel perfume, which will become a constant travel companion with Eastpak's new CNNCT cases. Founded in 1956, the company focuses on longevity and durability when developing new products.

Isabel Vollrath & STEINROHNER 

Berlin Fashion Week: Models, Runway & Location smell like FRAU TONIS PARFUM! Aromas of lush green, jungle and wildness accompanied the show of Isabel Vollrath. The fashion of the designer duo STEINROHNER wafted around notes of eternal summer.

Marcel Ostertag

German designer Marcel Ostertag fell in love with the fragrance No. 08 Été Éternel by FRAU TONIS PARFUM and scented his runway with it. The opulent, sensual perfume atmosphere perfectly matched the show's motto: Love for everyone! The FRAU TONIS Fragrance Bar offered olfactory inspiration with a fine selection of summery handcrafted perfumes.

Ivanman, Danny Reinke, Kilian Kerner

Ivan Mandzukics' design creations were presented on Static Mannequins and wrapped by his personally selected FRAU TONIS' unisex fragrance No. 18 Bogota Berlin.
Fashion newcomer Danny Reinke's show, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about FRAU TONIS No. 05 Aventure and chose this fragrance as the highlight of his goodie bags .
Designer Kilian Kerner was inspired by FRAU TONIS' fragrances and composed his individual scent, based on No. 22 Hamburg and No. 18 Bogota Berlin.