Order Process

  • Can I also redeem my value voucher online?

    Yes, the redemption of a value voucher is also possible in the online store of Frau Tonis Parfum. For this, please contact us by mail. Within a few hours we can activate your voucher for our online store.

  • Why is my discount code not accepted?

    Discount codes are not valid for the purchase of vouchers or fragrance samples, and a combination of discounts is also excluded.

  • Can I exchange the product I ordered?

    A return of the fragrances is only possible if the seal of the outer packaging is not yet broken and the flacons are in a new, unused condition. Prior to your return you must be in touch with us. In some cases we can grant the exchange with another product of the same value. Please note that the cost of the return shipment is to be paid by you. In case of a refund no shipping costs will be refunded.

  • How can I cancel my order?

    It is only possible to cancel your order if you have not yet received a shipping confirmation. After you have received the shipping confirmation, it is a return that you must request from us separately. Our 7.5ml vials cannot be exchanged or returned.


  • Germany

    National shipping costs 5,90€ and is waived for orders over 95€. All orders received by 1 pm at latest will be packed and handed over to DHL on the same day. After that, the regular delivery time is 1-4 business days within Germany.

  • International

    International shipping is facilitated by DHL Express, costs 29,90€ and is waived for orders over 150€. All orders that reach us by 1 pm will be packed and handed over to DHL Express on the same day. After that, the average delivery time is 2-6 business days depending on the destination.

  • Why is my desired delivery country not included in your shipping overview?

    Since shipping perfume involves strict limitations and additional precautions, we, unfortunately, cannot deliver to every country (for example the US or UAE). If your desired destination is not named in our overview, we are unfortunately unable to deliver there.

  • Do you also deliver to DHL Packstations?

    Yes, shipping to a DHL Packstation or Deutsche Post branch is possible. To do this, enter the relevant information and your DHL postal number during the order process in the appropriate fields.

  • What is the status of my order?

    After your package has left our manufactory, you will receive a shipping confirmation in which the DHL shipment tracking number is also noted. Through the link you can track all shipping steps and plan your delivery.

  • How can I change my order?

    Please contact us as soon as possible, if you want to change your order and have your order number ready. Changing the order is only possible if you have not yet received a shipping confirmation.

  • I received a wrong product / something is missing from my order, what can I do?

    Please contact us by mail and attach a photo of the package you received. We will usually get back to you within 48 hours to find a solution.


  • How do I find my ideal fragrance?

    For a first orientation in our portfolio, we recommend our fragrance test. By answering 5 questions you will get a perfectly fitting recommendation of our fragrances.

  • How can I test a Frau Tonis Parfum fragrance?

    To get a first olfactory impression we recommend our scent samples. If you want to test the fragrances on the skin, we offer bottles from 15ml as well as a customizable fragrance sets with 3 fragrances á 7.5 ml. Or you can visit us in our store in Berlin-Mitte, near the famous Checkpoint Charlie.

  • What can I except from a visit at Frau Tonis?

    The approach to our fragrances is completely uncomplicated and unconventional: our fragrances speak for themselves. The cut glass of our apothecary bottle caps allows you to perceive our fragrances in a very pure and undistorted way. We have designed our fragrances to be gender-neutral, unisex, so that you can concentrate on the essential fragrance elements, such as individual notes and their combination. If you wish, our fragrance experts are on hand to advise you. It is also possible to try out your own fragrance combinations in one-hour fragrance workshops.

  • Perfume doesn't last long on me, what can I do?

    If fragrance does not last as long as it should on your skin, there may be various reasons for this. Every skin is different and reacts very individually to different fragrances.

    1. Fragrance does not last particularly well on dry skin. Use a scent neutral body lotion to ensure that the area of skin is well moisturized. This is even more important within the use of citrus fragrances.

    2. If your skin simply does not accept the fragrance oil well, you can also spray your favorite fragrance on your clothes. It is important that the clothing is made out of natural materials. For example, linen in summer and shearling or cotton in winter. This not only ensures a longer duration, but also intensifies the fragrance of some perfumes.

    3. Avoid purely citrus fragrances. Citrus notes last less longer on our skin than other oils. It is better to look for fragrances that also have a light woody scent component.

  • How long does a perfume last in the bottle?

    The lifespan of a perfume is not unlimited, if a perfume is stored incorrectly and exposed to environmental stimuli such as temperature, humidity and light, this will have a negative effect on your favorite fragrance. When stored optimally, our eau de parfums generally have a durability of 3-5 years. A fragrance can change over time, even if the perfume has not necessarily gone bad.

  • What is perfume layering?

    You can layer all of our fragrances and give them a very personal nuance. If you do the layering process, you spray several fragrances on top of each other. Have the courage and give it a try. A little practice and a willingness to experiment will definitely pay off. Our sets of 3 are perfect for anyone who loves layering. In 7.5ml and 15ml. Our store staff will also be happy to advise you on layering.

  • What is the difference between eau de parfum and eau de cologne?

    Eau de Cologne has a lower fragrance oil percentage than Eau de Parfum. Here is a short list:

    At 3-5%, eau de cologne has the lowest oil percentage and therefore also the shortest durability with 2-3 hours.
    Eau de Parfum, with an oil percentage of 10-15%, lasts around 4-6 hours.
    Eau de Parfum Intense has an oil percentage of over 20% and lasts 6-8 hours.

  • Where are the fragrances produced?

    Our handcrafted perfumes are sustainably produced in France, Switzerland and Berlin and contain certified organic raw materials. They are processed and bottled by hand in Berlin.

  • What are the ingredients of your fragrances?

    Our Eau de Parfums, Eau de Colognes and Homefragrances are formulated in different ways. You can find the ingredients of each product here.

  • Are the fragrances cruelty free?

    Yes! All of our Eau de Parfums and Eau de Colognes as well as our room fragrances and pillow sprays are cruelty free and manufactured according to the European standards.

Scent Workshops

  • How can I create my individual fragrance?

    The creation of an individual fragrance is possible as part of our fragrance workshops. In an in-depth dialogue with our fragrance experts, your olfactory preferences and favorites will be revealed. Through the combination of our Eau de Parfums, the precise creation of your favorite fragrance is possible, which you will receive directly afterwards in an elegant 50ml bottle.

  • I would like to book a fragrance workshop - what is the procedure?

    Please first purchase a voucher for the fragrance workshop in our store or online. Only after you have purchased the voucher you can conveniently make an appointment with our fragrance experts using our online appointment booking tool.
    You can cancel your booked fragrance workshop free of charge up to 24 hours before the start. Your voucher will remain valid.

  • For how many people can I book the scent workshop?

    You can easily buy and book your fragrance tour for up to 6 people online. For groups of more than 6 people, please send us an e-mail to post[at]frau-tonis-parfum.com. We will then check availability and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • I would like to bring a companion to the fragrance workshop.

    We are also happy to welcome your companion if they do not wish to create their own fragrance. We charge a flat rate of €25 for the accompanying person, which is only payable on site. Your companion will also be provided with refreshments during the workshop.

  • I would like to organize a team event at Frau Tonis Parfum - is that possible?

    We would be happy to organize your team event! To do so, it is best to write an mail to our office.

  • Archiving scent compositions

    After your fragrance journey, your creation will be saved with your name in our database. You can reorder your creation at any time in our store or online store.

  • Can you recreate eau de parfums from other manufacturers?

    We do not offer the reproduction of fragrances. As part of our fragrance workshop, our fragrance experts will be happy to help you find your own personal fragrance combination that comes as close as possible to your favorite scent.

About the company

  • When was Frau Tonis founded?

    Frau Tonis was founded in 2009. Our principles rebel against "fragrance for the mass" and embody exclusivity and uniqueness

  • Why do we work with apothecary jars in our store?

    The glass of our bottle caps, on which the fragrance collects, offers the best opportunity to experience a fragrance purely and unadulterated.