Bespoke perfumes - made in Berlin

Centrally located near Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, you will find the exclusive perfumery FRAU TONIS PARFUM. Perfume aficionados from all over the world visit to shop and create their own customized scents here.

For the love of fragrance

Frau Tonis Parfum stands for high-quality manufactured perfumes. Our fragrances have spoken for themselves since 2009 - without sexy ad campaigns or gender biased marketing. 36 niche perfumes from green to floral, citric to oriental open the olfactory memory of their wearers and bring magical memories back to the present. All fragrances are unisex, cruelty free and handcrafted with great attention to detail.

Founder Stefanie Hanssen doesn't regard perfume as a means to help people find a mate, but as an expression of one's own personality:

"If someone had told me at a party in my mid-twenties that I would one day start a perfume company, I probably would have laughed and moved on to the next conversation. Back then I was in the middle of my management studies and was very busy memorising statistics, stochastics and general economics. After my studies I worked as a freelance journalist for a few wild years. Then a few years later took my first step towards starting a business, establishing a brand building agency together with partners.

I got into the perfume business very spontaneously years later when I realised that my ideal of a perfumery didn't actually exist. Scent, perfume, history...  Wasn't there a glorious past? Especially here in Berlin? And it's a fact that at the beginning of the last century Berlin was a city of fragrances.

I became obsessed with the idea of breathing new life into this sector. To bring it back from the darkness to the light, to reinterpret fragrances, to show them in a completely new light.

Six months later I not only founded my own store – I also started my own production facility. Puristically designed according to my requirements, my preferences, my philosophy. Dedicated to my grandmother Toni-Luise who lived in the harsh reality of the Ruhr coal-mining region. She has since my childhood been for me a loving friend, style icon and perfume aficionada.

And so I put my vision into practice, creating perfumes beyond the mainstream, with extraordinary scents, textures and ingredients that make an impact as connoisseur fragrances. And which could even be combined with each other. The bottom line is I opened a puristically elegant perfume manufacturing facility that shows fragrances for what they are: memories of our humanity, in all its contradictions and complexity. For us the thing that matters most is how a perfume is worn. Preferably with confidence.

Today we create and produce our Berlin 'Zeitgeist' and signature fragrances in cooperation with international perfumers, and regard our niche perfumes as a continuation of a long and worthy tradition.

Our Perfumes

Scent as inspiration

Letting perfumes speak for themselves, as a source of inspiration, without expensive ad campaigns: this is our philosophy at FRAU TONIS PARFUM. Because, to us, luxury is not a matter of extravagance, but of taking the time to carefully and lovingly select a range of exquisitely crafted perfume. Our Berlin boutique offers the ideal setting to discover our line of fragrances in a serene setting. Feel free to wander about and be inspired by our scents. Let them take you on a sensuous journey into the olfactory memory of your past.

Engage in dialogue with our scents and combine them according to personal taste to create your very own bespoke fragrance. As a part of the creative process you will be able to witness the making of your customized perfume. Our experienced scent experts will gladly assist you along the way. Our exquisitely crafted perfume are made here in Berlin and are show cased in clear glass pharmacy bottles to guarantee that nothing will distract you from what is really important, the fragrance itself. Because perfumery is an art form we hold dear.

Our fragrances range from the fresh floral, „Linde Berlin“, and energetically tangy “Berlin Summer”, to the utterly extravagant “Pure Violet”, a scent that captivated Berlin’s very own Marlene Dietrich almost 100 years ago. Our olfactory homage to the city of Berlin is the wonderful “Eau de Berlin”, a modern, energetic, fresh and vibrant scent that mirrors the city it represents. Our love for perfumes can be felt in every little detail.

Our Perfumes

Consensual shopping

Our philosophy is: Listen instead of imposing. We assist when we are needed. We give you the space and time to familiarize yourself with our product range without pressure or distracting background noise in our store in Berlin. Smart, discreet advice is a matter of course for us. After all, we want you to find the fragrance for life with us! With Frau Tonis Parfum you are safe from intrusive questions, pressing glances and classic sales psychology.

You are currently unable to visit our store in Berlin? We will be happy to send you various scent samples that you can select and order in the online shop.

Scent samples