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/ No 37 Violet
Violet 50 ml  / 80 €



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Eccentric / Confident / Nostalgic

Our assertively eccentric violet takes center stage in this extravagant and unusual fragrance. Rasberry and licorice only add to its 1920s flamboyance that thrilled Berlin’s own Marlene Dietrich almost 100 years ago.

Note: intense violet, raspberry, licorice  

Floral / EdP / Unisex

According to several sources, the Berlin-born actress Marlene Dietrich was captivated by our fragrance No. 37 'Violet': a signature scent which accompanied her during her incomparable performances on the silver screen. Eccentric, self assured and loud - a unique and outlandish perfume in which violet, raspberry and licorice notes make unlikely bed fellows. I’m not that innocent: No. 37 ‘Violet’ She described herself as a femme fatale, as an experienced woman of a certain class, who knew what she wanted and how to get it. Close your eyes and imagine the iconic, androgynous face of Marlene Dietrich, her slender silhouette and breath in deeply the extravagant oder of her violet fragrance… The roaring twenties are back!