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/ Fragrance Set Berlin
Fragrance Set Berlin 3 x 15 ml / 65 €

Fragrance Set Berlin

Berlin / Berlin Summer / Berlin Orange

What is the scent of Berlin?
For us it is No. 21 Berlin, young, free and confident with bergamot, cardamom and water lilies. Sometimes it's No. 02 Berlin Summer - a wonderful "splash to go" with citrus notes, fresh peppermint and cooling lemon balm. And a sunset at the end of a hot summer day is captured in No. 47 Berlin Orange with a tart orange blossom and green foliage.
Two Eau de Cologne and one Eau de Parfum (15 ml) in an elegant box.

Berlin (EdP) | Lively, Citrusy, Edgy
Berlin Summer (EdC) | Fresh, Citrusy, Classic
Berlin Orange (EdC) | Refreshing, Zesty, Fruity

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