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/ No 68 New York
New York 50 ml EDC / 45 €


New York

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Lively / Juicy / Shimmery

Urban vibes for No. 68 New York: Bergamot, apple and cedarwood dominate this lively fragrance. Watermelon, reed, amber and a hint of patchouli give this cologne a wild, impetuous kick.

Eau de Colognes are a wonderful refreshment, a "splash to go" for in between! They are wonderfully light, because their pure fragrance percentage is 2 - 5%.

Note: watermelon, reed, bergamot, apple, cedarwood, ambergris, patchouli

Green / EdC / Unisex

New York. Here, the energy of the city drives me on and on. It inspires me. Every second, something new is to be discovered. So much talent in so little space, so many possibilities. I want to lose myself in the neighborhoods and depths of the street canyons, always feeling in good hands. I love this city! Bergamot, apple and cedar wood dominate this lively cologne. Watermelon, reed, amber and a trace of patchouli give No. 68 New York a wild, impetuous kick.