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/ Scent-box Berlin
Scent-box Berlin

Scent-box Berlin

Linde Berlin / Eau de Berlin / Berlin Summer

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Scent-box "Berlin" contains three unisex fragrances: What is the scent of Berlin? For us it is No. 56 Eau de Berlin with notes of oak moss and fresh green, or "Unter den Linden" like a walk on Berlin's magnificent boulevard - captured in No. 10 Linden Tree Berlin & No. 02 Berlin Summer, flavors of freedom- lime and mint.
Two Eau de Cologne and one Eau de Parfum (15 ml) in an elegant box.

Linde Berlin (EdP) | Verdant, Floral, Sunny
Eau de Berlin (EdC) | Fresh, Mossy, Dewy
Berlin Summer (EdC) | Fresh, Classical, Citrus