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/ No 19 OUD Weiss
OUD Weiss 50 ml  / 90 €


OUD Weiss

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Sensuous / Elegant / Precious

Precious oud combined with bergamot, sandalwood and cedar exudes notes of tobacco and incense, and gently embraces with amber. Pure, tender and exciting. This scent is vegan.

Note: oud, amber, sandalwood, bergamot, tobacco, incense

Oriental / EdP / Unisex

Precious Oud has been described as heavenly and luxurious since at least the Bronze Age. Some of the world’s oldest surviving writings remark on Oud’s strong link with sensuous pursuits. No. 19 Oud Weiss is of such an inimitable beauty that, for us, only one word can describe this Eau de Parfum: love. Oud, free of the myth of absolute seduction, shines with fresh bergamot. A fragrance for every day, unobtrusive and yet exciting at the same time. The air is enriched with incense, tobacco and sandalwood. This scent is vegan.