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/ No 07 Elixir Isotopique
Elixir Isotopique 50 ml  / 90 €


Elixir Isotopique

Bold / Wild / Luminous

Frau Toni's first molecule perfume, which develops a very personal, individual scent through contact with your skin. It encases you with its very own, magical aura. Warm notes of ambroxan and cedar give No. 07 Elixir Isotopique an intense light golden glow. As if intoxicated, headstrong, violet blossoms triumphantly join in. No 07 Elixir Isotopqique - a fascinating olfactory experience. This scent is vegan.

Note: Ambroxan, Cedarwood, Violet Blossoms

Green / EdP / Unisex

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