Nº 07
Elixir Isotopique

bold / wild / luminous

Note: Ambroxan, Cedarwood, Violet Blossoms
green / EdP / unisex

50ml / 90 €

Nº 07 Elixir Isotopique

bold / wild / luminous
50 ml / 90 €


Eclectic, wild and free. An ambroxan molecule fragrance that develops a very personal, individual scent through contact with the skin. It envelops you with its very own magical aura and gives you an individual fragrance experience. No. 07 Elixir Isotopique - a unique fragrance signature. Warm aromas of ambroxan and cedarwood give this fragrance an intense light golden glow. As if in a frenzy, stubborn, violet violet blossoms join in triumphantly. A fascinating olfactory experience.

No 07 Elixir Isotopique is my personal signature scent. It's all me.

bold / wild / luminous